StaffAny integrated Payroll for businesses with shift workers and full-time staff.

StaffAny helps business owners reduce work dedicated to scheduling and time-tracking through an integrated scheduling and time tracking mobile and web application.

Swingvy Payroll ensures payroll processing remains compliant with IRAS, CPF and MOM— automating statutory calculations and payments and allowing payroll to be run for workers whenever needed.

With this integration, timesheet data for any period in StaffAny can be imported into Swingvy payroll in one click, allowing you to pay both full-time and shift-work employees in one go!

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Import StaffAny Timesheet to Swingvy

Choose any time period to pull timesheet data from.

Swingvy will automatically calculate every individual worker's pay based on their hours worked in each wage type within the selected period.

Shift-work employees and full-time employees can be paid together.

Basic monthly salary for full-time staff, as well as wages for hours worked by shift workers will be included in payroll, with expandable itemised payroll lines for easy review and confirmation.

Monthly Payroll with StaffAny Integration


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Swingvy + StaffAny Integration

Benefits of Swingvy Payroll

Pay Workers Whenever You Need

Swingvy Payroll allows for multiple Ad hoc payrolls each month, so you can pay your workers for whatever time period you need.


Never Overpay Statutory Payments

Statutory payments are automatically calculated at each payroll and adjusted monthly based on the total accumulated pay of each worker.

Automate Itemised Mobile Payslips

Trigger itemises payslips to be sent to all employees after a payrun, with both email and mobile push notifications.

Prorate Salary and Payroll Items

Calculating pay for full-time team members that join or leave mid-payment-cycle is done automatically based on join/leave date.

Get Automated Tax & IRA8 Filing

Swingvy calculates tax and generates end-of-year forms for online submission, making IRA8 filing simple.

Streamlined Bank File Creation

Bank files are automatically created for Singapore’s major banks. Simply download once payroll is complete to simplify payment processing.